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Thursday, July 14, 2011

4 months!

Here are Brantley's 4 month pictures. At his well visit on July 18, he weighed in at 13 lb, 15 oz (25%) and was 26 inches long (75%). We are SO proud of his weight gain! :) His doctor was pretty pumped too! He got 3 vaccinations (one was oral) and cried a little bit after the shots, but mommy was there to comfort him. :) He is growing so fast and learns new things everyday. Here are some things that he is doing now:
  • He is still sleeping about 8 hours each night, which allows mommy and daddy to get some sleep too. However, I'm not looking forward to having to get up earlier pretty soon to go to work!
  • He is also still eating about every 3 to 3 1/2 hours during the day - totaling 6 times a day. We are going to try to begin introducing rice cereal this stay tuned for that. Not gonna pressure him into, but just try to see if he's ready.
  • He started sleeping full time in his crib at night, shortly after he turned 3 months. :)
  • He still has his hands (or something) in his mouth ALL the time!
  • He recently "found" his feet after bath time on night (see picture below). Since then, every chance he gets, he is grabbing at them! So cute! :)
  • He is starting to giggle and laugh more when we do something silly.
  • Just this week, he has learned to make a gargling sound....and does it constantly. :)
  • He can roll over to his side but hasn't made it all the way to his tummy...yet.
We love seeing him learn all of these new things...It's like a new adventure every day! :)

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