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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

3 months

He got excited and started flapping around! It was so cute! :)

Brantley is 3 months old today! He is still continuing to gain weight and now weighs 11 lb, 12 oz. We will go back to the doctor for his 4 month well-visit next month. Here are somethings that he is doing right now:

  • His head support is getting much better. He can now hold it up mostly by himself and can sit up with help.

  • He likes to "stand" in our laps. He has some strong legs! :)

  • He sleeps about 8 hours each night!! Woo Hoo! :) Normally from about 10pm to 6am.

  • During the day, he still eats about every 3 hours totaling 6 times a day.

  • He still takes about 4 naps a day.

  • He has rolled over from front to back a couple of times while on his play mat.

  • He is very active...he loves to kick his legs and wave his arms while on his play mat and in his bouncy chair.

  • He will smile when he is talked to and has started to coo. We try to "talk" back to him to teach him about talking turns in conversation. :)

  • He loves his hands, which are constantly in his mouth! Anyone know how early babies start to teethe??? We are wondering if this is the start?

  • He has started to take naps in his crib in hopes of him getting used to it so he can start sleeping in it at night.

He also had some cute pictures done yesterday by Kristen Pace Photography. She posted some sneak peeks of the photo shoot on facebook. I can't wait to see them all though! :)

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