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Friday, January 16, 2009

Kate Gosselin!!

So, this past Tuesday I got a chance to hear Kate Gosselin speak in Mt. Pleasant! (For those of you who don't know who she is, she is from the show Jon and Kate Plus 8 on TLC. She has a set of twins and sextuplets!) My good friend Beverly told me about this wonderful opportunity and I am SO glad that she did!! :)

Kate gave her testimony and shared about her Christianity. It was very neat to hear her talk about her struggles. She discussed how she was always a Christian and did the Christian thing, but she didn't start to really, truly rely on God until she was pregnant with the sextuplets. She had to realize that she was on God's time and that he was making this plans, not her. They also had to step back and let down some of their pride when Jon lost his job towards the end of her pregnancy. He was out of a job for about a year (I think) so they had to rely on God, community, friends and family. She was truly inspirational to me and I don't even have kids yet!

Some neat trivia I learned from the night was:
  • The Gosselins used about 17,000 diapers during the babies' first year!! WOWOW!!!
  • Now, they use about 775 boxes of cereal a year! (about 2 boxes per day!! Craziness!)

I also stood in line to get her autograph in their new book Multiple Blessings. There were so many CRAZY ladies their that almost got a little too fiesty! Haha! :)

Anyway, I truly enjoyed the "ladies night" and hearing Kate's message! If you have not watched their show, you should tune in to TLC and watch it!! The kids are TOO precious!! Love it! :)

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